Geo-Coordinates-Lat. 30° 52'54" N Long. 77° 05'33" E

Notification No& Date;2742/-/16-09/1996

The ancient site at Purola is located on the left bank of the river Kamal. The excavation yielded the remains of Painted Grey Ware (PGW) from the earliest level alongwith other associated materials including terracotta figurines, beads, potter-stamp, the dental and femur portions of domesticated horse (Equas Cabalus Linn). The most important finds from the site is a brick alter identified as Syenachiti by the excavator. The structure is in the shape of a flying eagle (Garuda), head facing east with outstretched wings. In the center of the structure is the chiti is a square chamber yielding remains of pottery assignable to circa first century B.C. to second century AD. In addition, copper coin of Kuninda and other material i.e. ash, bone pieces etc and a thin gold leaf impressed with a human figure, tentatively identified as Agni have also been recovered from the central chamber.