The ancient monuments and archaeological sites and Remains Act 1958 define an 'Ancient Monument' as follows:-

Ancient Monument means any structure, erection or monument, or any tumulus or place of interment, or any cave, rock-sculpture, inscription or monolith which is of historical, archaeological or artistic interest and which has been in existence for not less than 100 years and includes:-
  • Remains of an ancient monument.
  • Site of an ancient monument.
  • Such portion of land adjoining the site of an ancient monument as may be required for fencing or covering in or otherwise preserving such monument.
  • The means of access to, and convenient inspection of, an ancient monument.
The section 2(d) defines archaeological site and remains as follows: -

Archaeological sites and Remains means any area which contains or is reasonably believed to contain ruins or relics of historical or archaeological importance which have been in existence for not less than one hundred years, and includes-
  • Such portion of land adjoining the area as may be required for fencing or covering in or otherwise preserving it, and
  • The means of access to and convenient inspection of the area.

Protection of Monuments

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) under the provisions of the AMASR Act, 1958 protects monuments, sites and remains of national importance by giving a two-month's notice for inviting objections if any in this regard. After the specified two-month's period, and after scrutinizing the objections, if any, received in this regard, the ASI makes decision to bring a monument under its protection.

There are at present more than 3676 ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance. These monuments belong to different periods, ranging from the prehistoric period to the colonial period and are located in different geographical settings. They include temples, mosques, tombs, churches, cemeteries, forts, palaces, step-wells, rock-cut caves and secular architecture as well as ancient mounds and sites which represent the remains of ancient habitation.

These monuments and sites are maintained and preserved through various Circles of the ASI spread all over the country. The Circles look after the research on these monuments and conservation activities, while the Science Branch with its headquarters at Dehradun carries out chemical preservation and the Horticulture Branch with its headquarters at Agra is entrusted with the laying out gardens and environmental development.

List of Centrally protected monuments of Dehradun Circle,ASI listed district wise are as under:


  • Jageshwar temple (Phulai Gunth), District Almora.
  • Mritunjaya temple (Phulai Gunth), District Almora.
  • Dandeshwar temple (Kotuli And Chandhok Gunth), District Almora.
  • Kuber temple (Phulai Gunth), District Almora.
  • Chandika temple (Phulai Gunth), District Almora.
  • Nanda Devi or Nau Durga, (Phulai Gunth, Jageshwar), District Almora.
  • Nava Graha shrine, (Phulai Gunth, Jageshwar), District Almora.
  • Pyramidal shrine (Phulai Gunth), Almora.
  • Shrine dedicated to Surya (Phulai Gunth, Jageshwar), District Almora.
  • A large temple dedicated to Sun (Katarmal), District Almora.
  • Badrinath group of temples (Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Bandeo temple (Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Gujaradeo temple (Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Kacheri Group of temple (Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Maniyan Group of temples (Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Mritunjaya Group of temples(Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Ratan Deo shrines (Dwarahat), District Almora.
  • Kutumbari temple (Dwarahat), District Almora.


  • Group of Ancient Temples, consisting of main shrine of Siva and 17 subsidiary shrines (Baijnath or Vaidyanath), District Bageshwar.
  • Three temples of the Indo-Aryan shikara type known as Lakshmi Narayan, Rakshas Deval & Satya Narayan (Talli Hat Mount Katyur), District Bageshwar.


  • Rudranath Temple, Gopeshwar, District Chamoli.
  • Trident Of Iron With A Shaft One Ancient And Three Modern Inscription, Gopeshwar, District Chamoli.
  • Two Temples - Pandukeshwar, District Chamoli.
  • Remains Of Sixteen Temples, Adibadri, District Chamoli.
  • Fort With Walls And Ruins Of Dwelling Houses Indside It And With Flight Of Steps (Chandpur), District Chamoli..
  • Rock Inscription In Survey Plot No. 89 (Mandal), District Chamoli.


  • Group Of Baleshwar Temples, Champawat.
  • Kotwali Chabutra, Champawat.
  • Naula Or Covered Spring Attached Of The Baleshwar Temple, Champawat.


  • The Inscribed Rock Edict Of Asoka (Kalsi), District Dehradun.
  • Temple And Images In Its Vicnity, Lakhamandal, District Dehradun.
  • A Famous Temple Sacred To Mahasu, Hanol, District Dehradun.
  • Ancient Site (Jagatgram), Badhwala, District Dehradun.
  • Excavated Remains Of Ancient Temple, Veerbhadra, Rishikesh, District Dehradun.
  • Kalinga Monuments (Karanpur), Dehradun.


  • Old Cemetery (Shekhpuri And Ganeshpur), Rourkee.


  • Remains Of Ancient Buildings Locally Identified With Vairatapattana, Dhikuli, District Nainital.
  • Old Temple Sacred To Sita, Sitabani, District Nainital.


  • Remains Of A Few Old Temples And An Inscribed Masonry Well, Gangoli Hat, District Pithoragarh.
  • Patalbhubneshwar Cave, Didihat, District Pithoragarh.

    Udham Singh Nagar

  • Excavated Site At Dronasagar (Mauza Ujjan Kashipur), District Udham Singh Nagar.


  • Excavated Site And Remains, Purola, District Uttarkashi.

Monuments under the Protection of Government of Uttarakhand

Besides the Centrally protected monuments, there are 47 monuments protected by the Government of Uttarakhand. These are listed as under:-


  1. Vaishnav Group of Temples, Deval,District Pauri.
  2. DevalGarh Group of Temple,Devalgarh, District Pauri.
  3. Shiva Temple , Paithani, District,Pauri.
  4. Shivalaya Khukhargaon, District Pauri.
  5. Laxmi Narayan Group of Temples, District Pauri.
  6. Narayan koti Group of Temple, Narayankoti , District


  7. Nalachatti Temple And Stupa, District Rudraprayag.
  8. Damyanti temple, Haune, District Rudraprayag.
  9. Laxmi Narayan Group of Temples, Bairanga, District Rudraprayag.


  10. Vaitrani Group of temples, Gopeshwar, District Chamoli.
  11. Govind Group of temples, Simli, District Chamoli.
  12. Kulsari Temple, Kulsari , District Chamoli.
  13. Narayan Group of temples, Devrara, District Chamoli.


  14. Sun Group of temple, Palathi , District Tehri.
  15. Raj Rajeshwari temple, Ranihat, District Tehri.
  16. Nanda Devi Group of Temples, Bajinga, District Tehri.


  17. Karkya Raithal Group of Temples, District Uttarkashi.
  18. Jamdagani Group of Temples, Than, District Uttarkashi.
  19. Mahasu Temple, Gair, District Uttarkashi.
  20. Mahasu Temple, Pujeli ,District Uttarkashi.
  21. Devrada Temple ,Paunti, District Uttarkashi.


  22. Mundeshwar Temple ,Pithuni, District Almora.
  23. Patal Devi Temple, Shail, District Almora.
  24. Naudeval Group of Temples, Banthouk, District Almora.
  25. Trinatrishwar MahadevTemple And Ekadas Ruddra Group of Temples, Vaman Suyal, District Almora.
  26. Ancient Shiva Temple, Siman, District Almora.
  27. Nanda Devi Temple ,Almora, District Almora.
  28. Lakhudiyar Chitrit Silashraya, Dingoli, District Almora.
  29. Shri Ram Temple ,Narayan Kali , District Almora.
  30. Kapileshwer Mahadev Temple, SainjGram ,District Almora.
  31. Ancient Graves, Jaskot , District Almora.
  32. Maharudehswer Group of Temples, Balsa, District Almora.
  33. Mahadev Group of Temples, Someshwer, District Almora.


  34. Ancient Vishramalya, Garkot(Toli), District Champawat.
  35. Banasur Fort, Moturaj, District Champawat.
  36. Shiva Temple ,Nadbohra, District Champawat.
  37. Ek hathia Naula, District Champawat.
  38. Shiv Temple (Panchatan), Chaukuni ,District Champawat.
  39. Shiva temple, Kharki- Karki, District Champawat.
  40. Shiva Temple, Talli Madali, District Champawat.
  41. Ancient Graves, Funger, District Champawat.


  42. Chamunda and Shiva Temples, Patal Bhuveneshwar, District Pithoragarh.
  43. Ancient Shiva Temple, Thal (DhamiGoan), District Pithoragarh.
  44. Ek Hathia Deval, Almiya, District Pithoragarh.
  45. MahaRuddra, Laxmi Narayana Temple,Marsoli, District Pithoragarh.


  46. Bagnath Group of temples, Bageshwer, District Bageshwer.
  47. Badrinath Group of Temples, Garsher, District Bageshwer.