Since creation of the New circle in 2003, important conservation Works have been carried out by Dehradun Circle. Some major conservation works are mentioned below:

1. Sun Temple, Katarmal, District Almora:

The main temple was in dilapidated condition, a huge Pipal tree was grown on the back abutting to the temple and its branches were penetrated on the temple resulted huge voids over the body of the temple, even the number of architectural members were either fallen down or were out of plumb. The temple was restored, the tree was removed carefully and all architectural members were replaced as per the original. A few miniature shrine in the campus were also repaired, original entrance of the temple in the east which was closed in the past for reason not known has now been revived and made functional.

2. Rudranath/Gopinath Temple, Gopeshwar, District Chamoli:

The temple complex has been fenced with grill over dwarf wall. The pointing work of exterior and interior has been attended. The mandapa of the main temple have been restored. Stone flooring in the temple complex have been attended. The Rawal Niwas which was in the dilapidated condition now been restored.

3. Group of Temples, Jageshwar, District Almora:

The group of temples have been given its identity by way of providing boundary wall around. Major portion of recent built Dharamshala in front of temple was removed. Miniature shrines with in the complex were conserved. The main lintel of Jagnath temple was restored by way of retrofitting technique. Old and decade stone flooring with in the complex was also repaired and made entire temple complex in presentable condition. .

4. Chandpur Garhi, Khal, District Chamoli:

Major conservation work carried out at Chandpur Garhi after creation of Dehradun Circle in 2003. This is one of the earliest forts in Garhwal region which was completely in dilapidated condition and major part of the structure with in the fort was buried by its own debris. Most of the structures have now been exposed by way of scientific clearance and thereafter conserved with the material available at site. The palatial complex on the top of the hill has also been conserved. The structures are restored and made watertightened and stone flooring have also provided with in the complex.

5. Shiva Temple, Lakhamandal, Dehradun:

This is one of the important group of shrine dedicated to lord Shiva in the Jaunsar-Babar region of Uttarakhand was taken for repair by the circle. In addition to repair to the main shrines, numbers of miniature shrines have also been exposed with in the complex which has added new dimensions in the history of temple architecture in Uttarakhand. Beside entire temple complex has been fenced with dwarf wall and railing.

Protection of monuments by providing boundary walls:

Besides the conservation of above monuments, boundary walls has also been provided in several monuments/sites. Details of monuments where boundary wall provided are as under:-
  1. Kalinga Monument, Dehradun
  2. The Inscribed Rock Edict Ashoka, Kalsi, Distt. Dehradun
  3. Ancient Site Jagatgram, Distt. Dehradun
  4. Shiva Temple Lakhamandal, Distt. Dehradun
  5. Mahasu Temple Hanol, Distt. Dehradun
  6. Excavated Site Veerbhadra Rishikesh , Distt. Dehradun
  7. Old Cemetery Rourkee Distt. Hardwar
  8. Badrinath Group Of Temples, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  9. Bandeo Temple , Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  10. Gujaradev Temple, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  11. Kacheri Group Of Temple, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  12. Maniyan Group Of Temples, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  13. Mritunjaya Group Of Temples, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  14. Ratan Deo Shriens Group Of Temples, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  15. Kutumbari Temple, Dwarahat, Distt. Almora
  16. Sun Temple ,Katarmal, Distt. Almora
  17. Kuber Group Of Temples Jageshwar, Distt. Almora
  18. Chandika Devi Temple Jageshwar , Distt. Almora
  19. Dandeshwar Temple , Jageshwar, Distt. Almora
  20. Jageshwar Temple Jageshwar, , Distt. Almora
  21. Mritunjaya Temple, Jageshwar , Distt. Almora
  22. Nanda Devi Temple, Jageshwar , Distt. Almora
  23. Nava Graha Shrine ,Jageshwar , Distt. Almora
  24. Pyramidal Shrine, Jageshwar , Distt. Almora
  25. Shrines Dedicated To Surya, Jageshwar, Distt. Almora
  26. Baijnath Group Of Temples, , Distt. Bageshwar
  27. Lakshmi Narayan, Rakshasdeval & Satya Naryan (Talli Hat), Distt. Bageshwar
  28. Adibadri Group Of Temple, Distt. Chamoli
  29. Chandpur Fort, Distt. Chamoli
  30. Pandukeshwar Temple , Distt. Chamoli
  31. Rudranath Temple Gopeshwar, Distt. Chamoli
  32. Baleshwar Group Of Temples ,Distt. Champawat
  33. Kotwali Chabutra., Distt Champawat
  34. Old Temple Sacred To Sita, Sitabani, Distt Nainital
  35. Remains Of Few Old Temples And An Inscribed Masonry Well Gangoli Hat, Distt. Pithoragarh
  36. Excavated Site At Dronasagar Kashipur, Distt. Udham Singh Nagar
  37. Excavated Site, Purola, Distt. Uttarkashi

Conservation Works Program for the Current Financial Year