Udham Singh Nagar


Location:Lat. 28° 09' N; Long. 78° 59' E

NOTIFICATION NO.: F.04/1/70-CAI (1), 1970 (Preliminary)/-/31.10.1970

Kashipur is identified by A. Cunningham with Kiu-pi-shwang-na of Hiuen Tsang, which is rendered by Julien as Govisana. Cunningham traced remains of a large structure at Bhim-Gaja, the highest place at the site. The ASI conducted an excavations here, in the year 1939-40,1965-66 and 1970-01 in order to reveal the details of the structure traced by Cunningham. Excavation revealed substantial part of the plan of the temple built in three different phases. Initially, the temple appear to have started as solid brick built high platform surmounted possibly by sanctum during Gupta period but later, two encircling walls probably in 6th-7th century AD were laid around it covering it finally into in extensive and impressive Panchayatana complex.