The Archaeological Survey of India has initiated steps towards implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

Whereas section 5(1) of the Right of Information Act 2005 requires every Public Authority to designate as many officers as central Public Information officers(CPIO) as may be necessary to provide information to person requesting for information under the act.

And whereas section 19(1) of the act provides that any person who does not receive a decision within the prescribed time or is aggrieved by a decision of CPIO, may prefer an appeal to such officer who is senior in rank of CPIO and is referred to as First Appellate Authority.

List of Central Public Information officers, (CPIO) and First Appellate Authority:

Sl.No Name of Central Public Information Officer(CPIO)/CAPIO Designation Tele No Subject matter/Section Name of the First Appealate authority with Designation & Telephone No.
1 Mrs Lily Dhasmana(CPIO) Dy. Superintending Archaeologist 0135-2723390 Dehradun Circle Dr Vasant Kumar Swarnkar
Superintending Archaeologist,
0135-2723390, 0135-2628027
2. Sh. Ajay Singh Bagri Foreman 01372 - 252343 Sub Circle Gopeshwar
ASI, Rudranath temple complex,
3 Sh.R.S.Bhadouria(CAPIO) Sr. Conservation Asst. 0135 - 2780965 Sub Circle Dehradun
ASI, Shastradhara Road,
Karanpur, Dehradun
4 Sh. M S Rawat Foreman 05962 - 233230 Sub Circle Almora
Rawat Pura, Lakshmeshwar
5. Sh. Siddharth Verma(CAPIO) Conservation Asstt- Gr I 05947 - 260566 Sub Circle Kashipur
ASI, Dronasagar,
Udham Singh Nagar


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