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The Dehradun Circle
The Dehradun Circle is one of the newly created Circle of the Archaeological Survey of India, which came into existence on 16th June 2003, and has taken over the task of the management and conservation of the centrally protected monuments and sites of Uttarakhand. There are forty-two protected monuments / sites of national importance under the circle. The state of Uttarakhand popularly known as 'Dev Bhumi' lies on the southern slope ...
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Ancient Monument means any structure, erection or monument, or any tumulus or place of interment, or any cave, rock-sculpture, inscription or monolith which is of historical, archaeological or artistic interest and which has been in existence for not less than 100 years and ...
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Excavations/Scientific Clearance
Kashipur: Identified by A. Cunningham with Kiu-pi-shwang-na of Hiuen Tsang, which is rendered into Sanskrit as Govisana, Julien Krishna Deva of the ASI excavated the site in 1939-40 and again in 1965-6 and 1970-01....
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Conservation & Preservation
Major Conservation work carried out by the circle since 2003:
Sun Temple, Katarmal, Almora: The main temple was in dilapidated condition a huge Pipal Tree had grown over the back of the temple, the branches were penetrated in side the temple as a result there was huge void and most of architectural members either fallen

What is new

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  • asidehraduncircle.in :: new.gifDehradun Circle Archeological Survey of India has launched a speaking website for the visually impaired. Click here to go to Speaking website for the Visually Impaired.
  • asidehraduncircle.in :: new.gifDehradun Circle Archeological Survey of India has published a booklet entitled "Monuments of Uttarakhand" on 42 ASI protected monuments of Uttarakhand in Braille Script. This booklet is being distributed free of cost to the visually challenged persons as well as to institutions those are working in the field. Interested perosns may contact Dehradun Circle.
  • asidehraduncircle.in :: new.gifMobile App: The Dehradun Circle has launched the mobile application named "Monuments of Uttarakhand". The app is in Android and IOS version. This is available free on App Stores